Yellow is worn, special manicure

Yellow gel nails 2022, in trends for this year, a brave and special shade. We like them, they’re a little out of style, but they bring a fresh note to the manicure. And even if they are more suitable in the warm season, you can adopt them at any time.

Yellow nails are something that every lady, woman, mistress will be brave enough to adopt in 2022.

There are so many shades of this cheerful color. But. You could try not only a regular yellow color, but also manicure designs in shades such as “canary”, “corn”, “pineapple”, “lemon”, “narcissus” and even “sandy yellow”.

Don’t forget that this year’s decorations are absolutely wonderful, so you can also try them in yellow.
Pattern with leaves

Very light yellow model

Simple nail model

Model with gray

Autumn gel nail model in several colors

Model in light tones

Here are our recommendations for the summer season, summer and beyond – Yellow gel nails 2021

1 Model in shades of dark yellow with black
yellow gel nails 2021
2 Flower gel nail model, 2021 trends

yellow gel nails 2021

3 Model of pointed gel nails, in two shadesyellow gel nails 20214 Gel nails with rhinestones, for a little shine

yellow gel nails 2021
5 Short and very cheerful nails
yellow gel nails 2021
6 Square gel nails with various decorations

yellow gel nails 2021
7 Ombre style gel nails
yellow gel nails 2021
8 Model with cactus and white decoration

yellow gel nails 2021
9 Lemon gel nails with butterflies
yellow gel nails 2021
10 Models with pink and floral decoration

yellow gel nails 2021
Depending on the shape of the nail, shapes can be adapted that will flatter you, lengthen your manicure and make you stand out. Obviously, the pink tones will stand out a little, being strong colors. But, you can also choose more subtle tones.

There are models and recommendations:
11 Ombre gel nails, with green

12 Yellow-orange, a wonderful shade

13 Neon ballerina nails, with blue white

14 Light oval model, with an abstract element

15 Luna gel nails, light and short tones.

16 Ballerina gel nails with black dots

17 Nails with silver inserts, fashionable in 2021

18 Wonderful nails with shades of blue, flower gel nails

19 Neon stiletto, French style, for daring ladies

20 French nails, subtle with forehead decoration

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