What destroys a woman? – ECOlady.eu


  1. Too much social activity

Social activity for a woman is always the intention to overcome the insufficiency of love. It is more important for a woman to find a job that will allow her to rest from family obligations, expand her circle of communication and fill her soul with positive energy.

2. Routine

Routine and pleasure are things that cannot be combined. Routine strains the body and mind. It causes the nervous and hormonal systems to suffer.

3. The effort to communicate outside the family, outside the comfort zone

If a man thrives when he overcomes certain difficulties, it is not advisable for a woman to be out of her comfort zone. That drains his psychic energy. When a woman communicates with a loving entourage, her feminine power increases.

4. Work that does not bring pleasure.

One of the key mistakes women make is doing what they don’t like. Why? In this case, the woman needs to face certain difficulties. Even if it’s a women’s thing, but it takes up a lot of your time, that’s wasted energy.

5. The pants

The woman gathers energy from the earth. In this she is helped by long skirts and dresses. If the woman wears pants, the energy of the earth, the birth of children, are capable of being lost. Femininity suffers if the woman does not have a suitable wardrobe.

6. Haircuts that are not feminine

In her hair, as in a battery, the woman collects psychic energy. That’s why it’s important to take care of your hair. Short, boyish haircuts do not add femininity.

7. Lack of accessories, or the inability to use them

Every woman knows how to improve her mood by choosing the right accessories.

8. Lack of attention to your own body

Women experience events through their own bodies. A tense body does not bring happiness.

9. Lack of a passion

It is important for a woman to have an occupation for the soul, which may not necessarily bring her money, but instead brings her emotional satisfaction.

10. Lack of creativity

A woman’s nature is to enhance her space, to create comfort. Flowers, curtains, paintings, they all make her life more beautiful if she knows how to use them.

11. Attempts to drive

Women know how to drive, but it’s better not to. It’s not in her nature. The woman must inspire.