Wavy or curly hair? Haircuts for ladies over 40 years old

Women of elegant age should very carefully choose a haircut that will refresh and rejuvenate them. It is especially difficult to choose a hairstyle for women who have curly or wavy hair. However, it is not impossible!

Many women prefer short or medium haircuts, for which the texture of the hair is not so important. Consider what kind of haircuts stylists recommend for women over 40 with curly or wavy hair and get inspired by the following pictures.

Wavy hair goes well with this type of haircut. This creative haircut is versatile. It suits women of any face type, age and social status. Wavy curls look feminine and attractive.

The “Garcon” hairstyle can be decorated with bangs. This haircut is a lifesaver for ladies with a small face.

Older women are paying more and more attention to the improved pixie haircut. Curls and elongated strands proposed by stylists brought to the hairstyle not only elements of significant rejuvenation of the image, but also provide a unique and attractive charm.

If you have sophisticated facial features, then this hairstyle choice will be a winning option for you and other girls with the same features. But for chubby girls it is better to refuse such a hairstyle. Wavy hair gives the hairstyle a slight carelessness, which will only enhance the rejuvenating effect.

The texture of the curls is perfectly emphasized by this particular haircut. The lower strands are usually much longer than those located in the nape area. The wavy hair in this area is cut using the cascade technique and looks luxurious.

At any age, you can look stylish and elegant, regardless of hair texture. And the curling of the strands gives the image tenderness, elegance and a bit of childlike naivety!