VIOLET NAILS +30 ideas in Images 💅 【The Best of 2022】

At the same time, the bright and expressive purple and lilac manicure becomes a noticeable accent in the image, even if the pink color is used only in nail design.

In this article, we will show you how to combine shades of purple with other colors and what design ideas with the addition of purple can come to life.

Nail art can be considered a form of body modification, which sometimes causes health risks. The nail is made to adhere to the most porous part of the skin-fingernail bed and is susceptible to damage not just from occasional contact with harmful substances but also through constant contact with moistness in your environment. Issues such as excess drying from getting out of the shower or too much alcohol after washing hands make it much more vulnerable.

So far, VIOLET NAILS has created two kinds of natural ingredients polish, which are sulfate-free and smell pleasant. Their newest product AromATHERAPY contains fragrance extracted from essential oils and sounds like an unknown area for nail art at first glance.

But there are also people say that essential oils do have some adverse effects on human’s health and some research show that frequent exposure to volatile alpha terpineol can worsen asthma symptoms while lavender (as an example) is associated with danger if used incorrectly;

The newest trend in the beauty industry is shaping and painting nails. Violet Nails come second behind the more popular manicure and pedicure.

“Nails are important fashion accessories to many individuals,” Dr. Lance Rennie from Tekniques Health Care Consulting said. “By having different colors on them, you may be able to express your style.” While dark violets have been popular for a few years now, it again seems that lighter tints are making a come back this season.

“When used as an accent nail with complementary color earrings or clothes,” he continued mentioning the possibilities that exist with this lacquer hue, “it has a stunning effect.”

Some may think that these new trends will be hard to keep up with: they might find that they do not have the space or time to get things done like their other tasks including farming and school activities. Those people are wrong!