Turquoise gel nail designs – Special colors in manicure

Turquoise gel nails, models for a summer manicure

In the middle of the summer season, the manicure is worn in light shades, warm tones, full of color. And, in addition to neon shades, yellow, shades of pink, and turquoise are also worn. A marine shade, perfect for the summer season, a calm and optimistic color.

Whether you opt for simple, short or long gel nails, or add decorations and combinations, especially with black and white, for sure these models are perfect for the summer season.

We have prepared a small catalog – Turquoise gel nails, for the holidays and not only
Model in several shades

Turquoise gel nails with stones

Long, glittery nails

You can choose them regardless of the season.

1 French gel nails 2021, turquoise modelturquoise gel nails 2 Almond gel nails, with glitter

turquoise gel nails 3 Gel nails with white floral decorations, fashionable in 2021turquoise gel nails 4 Square gel nail model, in combination with black

turquoise gel nails 5 French model, more complex styleturquoise gel nails 6 Gel stiletto nail model, with different decorations

turquoise gel nails 7 Short gel nails, in combination with blackturquoise gel nails 8 Short nails, with little color

turquoise gel nails 9 Model with glitter and silver decorationsturquoise gel nails 10 short gel nails, with decoration on the ring

turquoise gel nails
Regardless of age or lifestyle, you can opt for these marine tones, either in simple models, on short or long nails. Of course, if you want decorations, these can be implemented more easily on nails with a short length.

We also offer other models for summer:

11 Square nails with black 12 Simple gel angle model, with pebbles on the ring

13 Complex model, with length and decorationturquoise gel nails 14 Model in three shades, a sophisticated manicure

turquoise gel nails 15 Simple models, with little lengthturquoise gel nails 16 Simple and short gel nail models

17 Abstract models, fashionable in 2021

18 Combination of turquoise and cheerful shades of pink

19 Simple model, short nails
20 Model with floral decoration, fashionable in 2021

Source of the pictures in the article: pinterest.com

What are your favorite shades for summer?