Turn the page! 30 elegant haircuts with short bangs

If you decide to finally start life with a clean slate, then the best choice is a short haircut with bangs. A new hairstyle can not only radically change your appearance and bring a new mood, but it can also add sophistication and style to your image. Short hair will give you a special personality and charm, even the stars will envy you!

After the final decision to change everything, the question arises. What haircut to choose? After all, it needs to match modern trends and also be easy to care for. Let’s try to understand the variety of options available and choose the best ones.

The same hairstyle was worn by Ruby Rose. Soft waves, curled with a curling iron, add luxury and elegance. And if you add asymmetrical bangs to this haircut – super short on one side and long on the other, your look will take on a special aura.

Extremely versatile haircut. You can use a texture spray and twist a few strands, so the image will turn out nice and fresh, or you can straighten the hair, so that you will look bright and bold. This season, a cropped bob with the same bangs is in trend, which fits perfectly into the overall image.

If you don’t want to pay too much attention to hair care, then this hairstyle is for you. Fully open face and minimal inconvenience. A short, barely visible bang, perhaps with a slight lengthening on the sides, will help to correct the oval of the face.

This haircut remains an undeniable success of recent years. An elegant and feminine hairstyle that will conquer anyone. Divide wet hair into two parts of your choice, then dry with a round comb. For added texture, wrap thick strands of hair around the brush and spritz with hairspray. The royal style is ready!

A small touch will help to add individuality – bangs. Against the background of long strands in the front, short bangs will instantly draw attention to the face.

The time has come when you can neglect your style and still stay on trend. It is enough to dry your hair a little and gently curl it with your hands, as if forming curls.

The curls that will result from these simple actions will undoubtedly cheer you up all day. The shortened bangs should be even. It is he who sets the tone for an unusual image.