Trendy voluminous haircuts: 12 luxurious ideas

The course towards the naturalness of images, taken in 2022, does not contradict the implementation of the creative ideas of hairdressers. In the spring trend, short haircuts give extra volume to the hair. Stylish haircuts with haircuts, milled strands and layering also look original.

Bold and self-confident women will like slightly extravagant garcon and pixie haircuts, which add extra volume to the hairstyle. Pixie with short hair at the nape and long strands in the front is suitable for women of any age and with any face type.

But the garcon, the characteristic feature of which is a broken oblique bangs, is more suitable for young girls.

This haircut is convenient for those women who do not like to sit in front of the mirror for a long time, styling their hair. A dynamic variation with the effect of deliberate negligence looks fresh and dynamic for women, even on thin and sparse hair.รข

A bob haircut with a cascade looks easy and luxurious on any woman. Thanks to the use of broken strands, the hairstyle looks incredibly airy and voluminous.

A multi-level cascade is best combined in one bob hairstyle. With this hairstyle, you can appear at a business meeting and at a gala evening reception.

This type of hairstyle is a variation of the bob and will be very popular especially in the spring. The outer wavy ends look bold and natural, while the taper at the crown adds volume to the hair.

Fashionable spring haircuts with volume will allow women to create a variety of attractive spring looks, will hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of the face.