trendy ideas for different hair lengths

Every woman always wants to look amazing. In search of a fashionable image, pretty ladies spend a lot of time and effort. If, however, you have decided on cardinal changes, then initially you need to pay attention to an elegant haircut.

The best hairdressers present new solutions and ideas for fashionable haircuts for women of all ages. But before you decide to change your hairstyle, you should study important factors: the type of appearance, the structure and type of hair, the length. And if you have doubts about choosing a new haircut, then first of all it is better to turn to a professional who will reveal all the subtleties of a stylish haircut for the type of appearance.

A new haircut for women can improve the condition of the hair and refresh the image. Let’s find out about the trendiest haircuts for women this season for short, medium and long hair.

There are fashionable universal haircuts that fit any length. Current solutions when choosing a haircut include asymmetry and a uniform haircut.


Many versions of haircuts for any length of hair will have asymmetry, which will add creativity and originality to your appearance. Asymmetry can be achieved by a smooth transition or broken strands of unequal length.

Straight cut

A uniform haircut is a classic among women’s haircuts. Beautiful hair of the same length always looks natural. An even haircut can be completed with creative oblique bangs or two-part bangs.

Trendy short haircuts are the choice of those who want to constantly look creative, unusual and stylish. If you haven’t yet considered short hair as an option for a new hairstyle, then now is the time to try a short haircut and transform into a new role.


The pixie haircut has not lost its positions among fashionistas for several seasons in a row. Due to the irregularities and asymmetries that are present in the haircut, this haircut does not require much effort and time to style. With the help of a variety of modeling with mousse or gel, you can look every day in a new, original and creative way.


The bob can be safely called the leader among fashionable short haircuts. There are a lot of variations of bob haircut trends. For elegant and sophisticated ladies, hairdressers offer a range of versions with an even and smooth cut of the earlobes, and for creative young ladies, a broken or asymmetrical bob is a daring solution.

Medium hair length is the most popular in the new season. Beautiful trendy haircuts for medium hair have a wide range of variations with their own characteristics and details. These haircuts are undoubtedly universal, as the average hair length will suit most women of any age.


Kare is a classic haircut, which is characterized by a smooth structure and smooth transitions or a uniform haircut. Craftsmen brought a little creativity and novelty to the classic options, complementing them with torn bangs, sharp transitions and strands with a blunt cut. Choosing a classic bob or a new variant is only your decision, because both haircuts are relevant in the new season.

Bob – kare

Bob-kare will be the best solution for those women who do not want to say goodbye to long hair, but like to try something new. Due to the long strands in the front and shortened in the back, the bob has become the most sought-after haircut in the new season. When choosing a hairstyle for this haircut, do not focus on one thing: curl, straighten, collect the hair on top in a bun or make a low tail.

Long healthy hair always looks beautiful and natural. Current trends for haircuts for long hair are: flat cut, broken strands, asymmetry and layering. Let’s look at the top haircut ideas for owners of long hair.

Broken wires

Broken strands give long hair a natural carelessness. Split ends look great when styled with curls, which will create volume on different hair textures.

Waterfall with broken wires

Cascade is a haircut in which gradation and layering of strands are the basis. This haircut is perfect for any hair structure. The cascade goes well with short or elongated bangs.


Haircut on the ladder is relevant again. Best of all, this haircut is suitable for owners of slightly wavy and straight hair, and the structure of the hair does not really matter. A layered hairstyle can add volume to thin hair and make thick hair more obedient.