Top trending gel manicure

Gel manicure trends, what colors and styles to choose?
Let’s approach the subject in a general way, discussing each style separately. First of all, simple nails in neutral shades have remained in trend, so you can wear them without any problems. One of the biggest surprises are the baby boomer nails, practically a variant of ombre, in which different tones mix pleasantly.

Now, of course, we find ombre nails, in any shades you want, flower decorations or other elements. For brides and not only we have nails with pebbles, absolutely wonderful, and for those who love colors, we have colored French nail designs.

For summer, stylists recommend styles and neon colors of green, yellow, pink or other shades. Plus the tropical models, which are excellent for the summer season. For the end, I kept the extra glam, sophisticated nail style.

Photo gallery – Gel manicure trends 2022
1 Shiny gel nails, in ombre style
gel manicure trends 2021
2 Ballerina gel nails, in different shades

gel manicure trends 2021
3 ombre nails in shades of blue
gel manicure trends 2021
4 Matte gray gel nails with lace

gel manicure trends 2021
5 Nails with pebbles, full of shine
gel manicure trends 2021
6 Pink nails with stars, funny and feminine

gel manicure trends 2021
7 Holographic gel nails, full of shine
gel manicure trends 2021
8 Gel nails in shades of burgundy or other shades of dark red

gel manicure trends 2021
9 Shades of purple and stiletto styles
gel manicure trends 2021
10 models in shades of red and black lace

gel manicure trends 2021
The trends of the year include all shades, models with pebble decoration, sparkles, but also matte tones. Floral decorations, ombre, stiletto nails and many others. You have a choice.

Other models and recommendations:
11 Simple, light shades of blue
12 Shades and neutral nails with leopard print

13 Shades of green and glitter

14 Nails with floral decoration

15 Shades of white and pink

16 Subtle shades of marble

17 Shades, peach gel nails

18 Shades of strong yellow

19 Ombre in shades of pink

20 Purple gel nails

21 Gel nails with fruit decoration

22 Neon gel nails

23 Manicure in cheerful shades

24 combinations of black and white nails

Image source: merlin nails

How do you like these styles?