This is the most popular volume haircut in the world. 10 models of layered bob

Carre is definitely the most comfortable and universal haircut for women, which continues to be extremely popular this season as well. The classic version, a uniform haircut, is the most in demand among ladies, but today we will talk about the layered bob carre model. Feminine and modern, the layered bob is a classic and timeless style.

Features of the layered bob haircut

Iconic, the bob, regardless of the adopted version, is the ideal haircut for women with a minimalist, fashionable, office or practical style. Easy to style every day and versatile, this trend will always be present on all catwalks, and in everyday life. The classic version is based on a strict geometry and a uniform haircut, and the bangs from the eyebrow line are a fine one. But what makes this style special is that it can have any cut in the front, such as ladder, asymmetrical or even torn. At the same time, the bangs can be completely different and individual for each individual lady.

Previously, only ladies who had a fine structure of curls chose such a haircut because, due to the layering and creative technique, the shape of the hair turned out to be very voluminous. Modern stylists, however, have improved the option and therefore the graduated bob can now be executed on thick, wavy and also thin curls, so that any woman can enjoy a spectacular haircut.

Layered bob and bangs options

As mentioned above, the modernized version of bob carre goes perfectly with any bangs. When you choose to experience new changes, consider the most stylish haircuts with bangs from the magazines of the great stylists of the fashion world.

Layered bob with oblique bangs

Here is an ideal solution for women over 30 with sparse and thin hair. A professional hair stylist will help you choose the perfect bang angle. The graduated curl will allow you to create a voluminous hairstyle, and an oblique bang will improve the overall image several times. Oblique bangs are suitable for ladies with both oval, triangular and square faces.

Layered bob with straight bangs

In combination with the graduated carre bob, the straight bangs look exceptional. The oval and round face of a woman with this haircut option will look simply wonderful, but also much more expressive. It should be noted that the bangs must be styled every day to obtain an elegant and stylish shape for the haircut.

More options for layered bob

Thanks to the skills of stylists, today ladies have the opportunity to choose from a wide and varied range when it comes to graduated bob haircuts. Thus, any woman, regardless of age and lifestyle, can easily find her perfect look. According to the great stylists of the fashion world, the most demanding layered bob haircuts are:

1. Graduated bob carre without bangs – the image of stunning beauty

2. Graduated bob carre with volume – an elegant and attractive look of a woman

3. Graduated bob carre with lengthening – an option for lovers of long hair

4. Graduated bob with asymmetry – a haircut that will harmoniously complement the image of a woman with disproportionate facial features

A graduated bob with volume is a chic hairstyle for any woman. The stylist will be able to choose the perfect haircut, depending on the structure of the curls, the shape of the face and the lady’s preferences. Hair styling does not take much time, and the most beautiful part, a woman with such a haircut always looks spectacular and seductive.