The Top Wedding Nails Trends + Inspiration For Brides To Be |

Everything about your choices for your wedding day is super important, from your eyelashes to the actual dress that you’re wearing. 

I personally think that having gorgeous wedding nails is especially important! Not only are your hands the focus of the actually wedding (especially when exchanging rings), but your manicure will also be super visible in close-up photos.

Wedding nail trends change surprisingly often! Just a few years ago, pearly white nails were the only type of nails to have on your wedding day, but now we’re seeing a lot of cool, unique trends to choose from.

Top Wedding Nail Trends Right Now:

Lace Designs: You’ll notice that a lot of the nail inspiration photos below have a “lace” design. This isn’t really lace but is simply a design drawn on by your nail technician. You can also purchase stickers or wraps to achieve the look.

This is one of my favorite wedding nail trends right now! The lace design is so delicate and subtle but really adds something cool to a wedding manicure.

French Tips: Surprisingly, French tips are back in right now. Unlike the years of the past, there are many different variations.

My favorite thing about French tips is that they will always be pretty classic. You won’t have to look back on your photos and cringe. I included a bunch of different French tip nail ideas for brides below!

Soft Ombre: Whether you enjoy an ombre with pink and white, white and nude, or nude and pink (these seem to be the most popular combinations right now), these all work well for brides.the ombre look is always pretty for brides.

I especially like a subtle nail ombre for a wedding day. It won’t take attention away from your dress but is still interesting and unique.

Flower Designs: Similar to the lace designs, flower designs are delicate but interesting. You can add anything from classic leaves to Hawaiian flowers!

Scroll through and check out some of the different flower designs below. If you do choose a flower design, make sure your nail technician has experience drawing flowers before the big day.

Adornments: We’re seeing a lot of adornments on wedding nails right now. Most of these looks incorporate either gemstones or pearls.

Some wedding nails are heavily adorned while others have just a touch of something special. Adornments can also be combined with other trends, such as lace or ombre nails.

Wedding Nails Inspiration:

Here are all of my favorite inspiration photos of wedding nails! These mainly incorporate the hottest trends but might include a fun twist.

Feel free to save any of these photos for reference later. Just press down and click save to camera roll. Enjoy!

35. Lace Flowers

34. Classic French

33. Pink & White Ombre

32. Soft Pink With Pearls

31. French With Lace

30. Copper Shimmer

29. Soft Pink

28. Nude Ombre

27. White With Adornments

26. Pale Soft Ombre

25. Nude Design

24. Soft French Tips

23. White Lace

22. Partial Lace

21. Light Nude

20. Ombre With Flowers

19. Muted French Tips

18. Pale Nude/Pink

17. White Ombre

16. Tan Nude With Pearls

15. Ombre & Floral Design

14. Dark Nude

13. Shimmer Ombre

12. Pink With Pearl Design

11. Shiny Soft Ombre

10. Lace Floral Design

9. Peach Pink

8. White Marble With Gold Design

7. Ombre Sparkle

6. Ombre With Lace & Rhinestones

5. Pink With Wedding Lace

4. Soft White With Flowers

3. Lace Floral Design

2. White & Nude Design

1. French Swirls With Floral Design