The stars choose Pixie-Bob with long bangs! 25 hairstyles for all tastes

Short haircuts for women are very diverse and in an extraordinarily large number. Celebrities very often opt for short haircuts because they are very practical, stylish, comfortable and very suitable for the hectic life of the city and the film set.

In recent years, one of the most important types of haircuts has been considered to be the pixie-bob. This hairstyle is the perfect synthesis of sophistication and boldness that creates an unforgettable feminine look. A great addition to this haircut will be elongated bangs, which will add a touch of elegance to the already bright and attractive appearance of a beautiful lady.

Asymmetric pixie-bob with long bangs

The technology for making such a haircut is quite difficult. Therefore, the master must make the most lush and voluminous hair on the crown, while leaving ultra-short strands on the back of the head. The asymmetry of the hairstyle is created by placing the long strands on one side with elongated bangs.

An asymmetrical pixie-bob with elongated bangs will be a real find for owners of a round and diamond-shaped face, because the distinctive shape of this haircut will make the features smoother and more harmonious. For an even more stunning effect, you can combine this haircut with trendy coloring, such as California highlights or creating shiny strands.

Pixie-bob with long bangs and shaved temples

Pixie-bob with long bangs and shaved temples is a hairstyle more suitable for ladies with straight and curly hair. The main highlight of this hairstyle is the skin of the temple, which is shaved with a special machine.

This type of pixie bob will look great on ladies with an oval or oblong face, making it smoother and more beautiful.

Pixie bob with long bangs: the elegant colors

Pixie bob looks chic in any color. You can simply emphasize your natural beauty and choose a natural shade of hair. If you want to highlight an elegant haircut, then pay attention to coloring and elegant techniques with color transitions. A pixie-bob with elongated bangs looks especially chic when the roots remain dark, and the rest of the hair is lightened by several tones.

Pixie bob with long bangs for black hair

A pixie bob with elongated bangs looks incredibly attractive on brunettes. Dark hair and a fashionable haircut will create an image that will not be equaled by anyone. Older ladies are better off choosing a lighter tone so as not to inadvertently emphasize age-related changes. Young and bright women take on even the darkest shade with a blue or cherry undertone.

Pixie bob with long bangs from different angles

We can conclude that this haircut perfectly emphasizes the exquisite beauty of any woman. In the front, thanks to the stylish bangs, a flirty look is achieved, in the back and on the sides – a bold and luxurious chic. Another main plus of this haircut is always a spectacular and beautiful volume at the crown, which guarantees an impeccable image of a lady at any age.

Pixie-bob with long bangs is a very unusual and interesting haircut. Due to the set of qualities that are collected in it, it is suitable for women of any age, hair type and physique. This hairstyle is one of the latest fashion trends and therefore can be safely used by any woman to update her image.