The perfect hairstyle for blondes! 13 Awesome Pixie Bob Haircuts

The pixie-bob haircut has a unique shape, which is achieved through modern hair styling techniques. This hairstyle is recommended for ladies of any age, regardless of hair color or texture. Today we will tell you why a pixie bob is a good solution for bright and stylish blondes.

For which blondes the pixie-bob is suitable

Pixie bob looks great on blonde hair but not for all ladies. It ideally suits women with a slender physique and swan neck, so that a very attractive and delicate look is achieved. The ultra-short version of the pixie-bob is chosen by young, bold and bright girls who want to emphasize their decisive character.

Often, such a haircut is recommended for ladies over 50 years old. The hairstyle looks especially impressive on gray hair, and this allows adding more sophistication to the image. A pixie-bob on light curls will be able to distract attention from appearance defects, while adding a little more confidence to the lady in her beauty.

Pixie bob in the front

Pixie-bob on blonde hair combines two stylish haircuts at once. From the popular pixie, short temples and an open shape are taken, as well as additional volume from the crown, and from the bob, the haircut took elongated strands and stylish bangs. All this makes the pixie bob a very effective hairstyle that will complement and transform the look of a lady with blonde hair.

Back pixie bob

The pixie-bob can be distinguished from other haircuts by the characteristic back view. The nape of the neck is always cut very short and the complete shaving of the hair is most often used. In addition, the strands grow in length, thus making the top of the head incredibly lush and beautiful. Blonde hair with such an interesting nape becomes even more attractive and interesting, especially if a fashionable coloring with several shades is chosen.

Pixie-bob is a versatile, elegant and beautiful haircut. Ladies with blonde hair can choose such a hairstyle to create a completely new and unique image.