The perfect hairstyle according to your face shape. The most elegant haircuts chosen by Hollywood stars

Choosing your haircut according to the shape of your face is the smartest decision you can make, experts say. This way you make sure that you highlight your features, correct any flaws and highlight your natural beauty. Haircuts made according to the shape of the face cannot go wrong!

Oval face

This shape is considered ideal and suits almost all women. Look at Kim Kardashian and her hairstyles – she literally changes them like gloves. We’re sure her house has a separate room for wigs, because the TV diva likes to change her look quite often.

Round face

A woman with a round face is suitable for elongated haircuts that visually stretch the face: bob without bangs with clear lines and volume on the parietal and occipital areas.

Square face

A square face type is suitable for cascading haircuts with volume along the length and oblique bangs (regrown bangs effect) or in the form of a bow. The “waterfall” haircut will give femininity and tenderness.

Diamond face

Girls with this face shape go for short haircuts with the effect of slight carelessness in styling. Additional volume and texture will give them eccentricity and childlike spontaneity.

Don’t forget that your haircut is your business card. When choosing it, consider both your face shape and your occupation!