The no-maintenance hairstyle that suits all women

When you sit in the barber’s chair, your hair always looks perfect. But in real life, things are completely different. And this happens because you keep wearing the traditional hairstyles and not the modern ones. The smart haircut is a new beauty trend that is being massively embraced by barbers across the country. IT will be perfect for you too – since this hairstyle was created to make life easier for each of us!

What is a “smart haircut”?

Let’s not prolong the time much and let’s start! The smart haircut for women is a hairstyle that should never be styled! (only if you want it yourself, of course.) Hair always looks good – without long drying, styling and hairspray.

How to get a smart haircut?

There is no manual for creating a smart haircut, since this is not a career or a classic ladder, where you have to repeat the classic movements step by step! A smart haircut is a living process, one might even say, creativity, during which the appearance transforms and becomes more refined.

The most important step in creating a smart haircut that does not require styling is diagnosing the client’s appearance. What is meant by this? The master must assess the quality and character of your hair. That’s why it’s better to achieve such a haircut without styling products applied to the strands, so that the hairdresser can immediately see how your hair stretches, how voluminous it is and whether it can be curled. And if so, how much and in what direction is the loop pointed.

Essentially, a smart haircut is really a system that includes all types of haircuts. Only, instead of making something out of a beautiful image, the master must choose a technique that will reveal the full potential of your hair. For example, he will make a cascade and a curtain of bangs on curly-prone hair. And they will always look lively and voluminous, and with a drop of mousse or texturizing clay they will also shine. Or the hairdresser, on the contrary, will cut the extra length (of course, with your permission), if you do not have natural volume and density for your hair.

By the way, one of the main nuances of creating a smart haircut for women lies in working with the volume. It is very important for the master to find the right proportion between the length of the lower and upper strands of your hairstyle, so that the hair remains obedient, does not require the constant use of fixers and does not look too thin.

Other shades of smart haircuts

Also, with this type of haircut, it is important that a hairdresser focuses not only on the individual characteristics of your hair, but also on a number of other factors. For example, the way you hold your head. Or what kind of split you prefer to wear and if you’ll be comfortable with another. And also, of course, your lifestyle, if it involves bolder hairstyles or you need something classic so that, for example, you don’t go out of the strict dress code of the job you have.

Where to get a smart haircut?

The smart haircut is a real trend that many hairdressers dream of mastering. And those who have already been trained in smart short haircuts or options for a different length do not hide the fact that they own this technique. On the contrary, they talk about the benefits of a smart haircut on social media, and be sure to hashtag it with the same name so that you find only the right option.

It should be understood that the price of a smart haircut is slightly higher than usual. For example, in Paris, a smart haircut costs at least 500 euros. This is due to the fact that the master has to make a lot more effort to give you a “smart” haircut. At the same time, you need to diagnose your hair, choose the right geometric shape and pay special attention to problem areas. But trust us, it’s worth it! In addition, you can repeat a smart haircut in the salon only once every few months, unless, of course, you have very short hair.