The most spectacular hairstyles of the cold season. 20 short haircuts for stylish ladies

The world of stylish hairstyles does not stand still for a second. In every new season and year, stylists delight us with the most refined and flawless haircuts, but some trends from the past remain relevant even today, because the classic will never go out of style. Today, in this article we will present the most popular short haircuts for the cold season this year.

Garcon – this year’s main winter trend

Unbelievable, but such a simple garcon seemed to blow up the fashion world. Stylists and fashionistas seem to have changed their minds about this hairstyle and started to choose it more and more often. That’s why this year the garcon will take over and last until the summer. The most important part, in the garcon haircut, you can choose the bangs that suit you best.