The most elegant hairstyles of this season. 18 super trendy haircuts for short hair

A fashionable haircut for short hair can be great to radically transform the image and even hide facial flaws. Next, we will present which short and stylish haircuts will be at the peak of popularity this season so that you too can find your own hairstyle that inspires you and defines you as a personality.

Graceful pixie

In winter, the best decision would be to choose a short haircut. And do not feel sorry for your curls, they will have time to grow until summer. Therefore, this season we suggest you pay attention to the elegant pixie, which is able to update any image of a young and mature lady. Both ultra-short and elongated pixie options are trending and suggested by great stylists.

Naughty Hammer Hairstyle

For strong, bright and extraordinary personalities, the well-known hammerhead haircut is perfect. Its main essence is short hair in the front and elongated in the back. Of course, the hairstyle looks amazing, but it is only suitable for active and daring ladies.

Carre conservative

This season, you can casually opt for classics. An incomparable and luxurious carre with a smooth cut and bangs will perfectly emphasize your solid image. The peculiarity of the hairstyle is that it requires a minimum of time for styling, but the final result looks very impressive.

Seasonal graceful haircuts in the form of a page

Elegant business women prefer haircuts that are very easy to style. That is why ladies often rely on French chic in the form of a page. These haircuts are similar to each other, they differ only in length. The essence of the hairstyle is a rounded haircut along the entire head and elegant bangs are added. In winter, haircuts will completely solve the problem of everyday appearance.

Elegant waiter

For active girls, to create a splendid winter look, stylists recommend cutting their hair and creating a completely unique hairstyle. All this can be achieved with the help of a fashionable garcon, which is gaining popularity again every new season. With this haircut, you will forever forget about the difficult process of creating a beautiful style.

You can look elegant and original this season with the help of simple stylish and spectacular short haircuts. Each of those presented has a unique character that will emphasize your attractiveness and make you simply look wonderful.