The Italian haircut, perfect for all women!

This haircut is a godsend for women. A haircut that gives the hair a lot of volume and elegance. It’s called “Italian”. It is suitable for all women, for all hair types and lengths. Over 30 years old, but it still hasn’t lost its relevance, so it’s worth trying! In this article you will find out the advantages and characteristics of the Italian haircut.


This haircut is based on the waterfall technique. A distinctive feature of this model is the so-called “bonnet”, which forms the silhouette of the hairstyle. In this way, the strands fall nicely in front and retract easily.

The “Italian” haircut is popular among women of all ages and professions. In addition, this model is also preferred by Hollywood stars. Jessica Alba, a model with a special elegance and femininity, chose this elegant haircut for medium hair. Her beautiful face was completed by oblique fringes that fell elegantly and emphasized the contour of the face.


Lindsay Lohan preferred this haircut for long hair, and Charlize Theron for short hair. So what is the secret of the popularity of this haircut?

This haircut is universal and suitable for all hair types. This model looks beautiful on all hair lengths. Easy to style. to arrange your hair you only need a dryer and a round brush. You will get a fresh hairstyle with a lot of volume. You can also arrange it with the plate or curling iron.


The given model is suitable both for parties and for business meetings. This model does not require constant correction at the hairdresser. Even if the hair grows, it will still look fresh. It can be combined with any type of bangs. Oblique, straight or asymmetrical – the choice is yours!


With such a haircut you will always be the center of attention!