The ideal hairstyle that all women want. 11 bob haircuts for dark hair

haircut “Bob” has become the most popular of all short haircuts, and rightly deserves its place at the top of the ranking. Bob – is chosen by sophisticated mature ladies as well as beautiful young ladies. Women fell in love with the bob hairstyle for its versatility, practicality and spectacular appearance, which allows them to create a unique image of the most charming beauty. The Short Bob haircut that we are going to talk about today represents boldness, luxury and elegance in one form.

Features of Bob haircut for short hair

By its nature, the bob haircut is quite easy to create. The main purpose of the haircut is to give spectacular volume to the crown and highlight the hairstyle with elongated strands in the front. The hairstyle has a lot of options, which makes it possible to choose an individual and perfect shape for certain facial features of a woman. Bob – can be styled on thin, thick and curly hair. At the same time, this haircut gives every lady incredibly chic hair without revealing split ends and other problems.

Asymmetric bob for short hair

Haircut for short hair with asymmetry allows a woman to create a perfect oval face. An elongated strand and a unique crown, it looks amazing on any hair structure. An asymmetrical bob can be styled in many ways, and gives free rein to your imagination to create your own perfect hairstyle.