The ideal haircut for women with thick hair. 16 short bob models for every taste

Haircut “short bob” was and remains incredibly popular among young and mature ladies. This hairstyle has been admired by many women because of the voluminous hat of hair at the crown, but these are by far all its advantages. In this article, we will present the short bob haircut for thick hair from all its angles and highlight all the benefits it has.

Features and characteristics of a fashionable haircut

This haircut has a lot of bright features. First of all, it has a voluminous crown, which is created using a complex and long technique. This approach ensures that thick hair will stay in the desired shape until the strands grow back. Secondly, ladies love this haircut for the elongated strands that hang on the face, and which hide all the facial flaws.

The most important distinguishing feature of this type of bob is an additional “leg”, which nicely complements the short nape. This detail makes the short haircut look incredibly beautiful and splendid.

Tips for styling your haircut

A bob with short legs for thick hair can be styled in many ways. It all depends on your mood and the event and we offer you three options to choose from:

The first hairstyle is with light curls. It is created with the help of ironing and styling. Thanks to the wavy locks, the lady looks incredibly cute and stylish.

The second hairstyle is the everyday one, which involves using a hair dryer and brushing. The main thing is to create a basal volume so that the hair looks even more attractive.

The third style – is fashionable asymmetry. In this hairstyle, it is also important to add some volume to the roots and then put all the hair to one side.

A short and elegant bob haircut can add magic and a touch of intrigue to the image of any lady. Choose this hairstyle to always see a young and beautiful young lady in the mirror.