The Cesson haircut is back in fashion. Why it is suitable for women from 20 to 70 years old

Cesson is a haircut that was loved by fashionistas of the last century. Its peculiarity is that the hair on the back of the head is in a perfect oval, and the ends of the strands twist a little inward by themselves, without additional processing. The hairstyle is decorated with a wide arched bang. Find out who invented the haircut, why it’s back in style, and who it suits best below.

In the 1970s, the famous fashion hairdresser Vidal Sassoon thought: what if we came up with a hairstyle that a woman wouldn’t have to struggle with for a long time and that would look good even with a little attention to the hair? That’s how it was invented.

Of course, the models liked this hairstyle: if earlier, in order to make their hair look spectacular and well-groomed, they had to bother with curling, styling, combing, then now the care consisted only in washing the hair regularly. The motto of the revolutionary haircut was “wash and wear”: clean strands easily laid down in the right direction.

Although the process of creating a haircut is quite painstaking. To achieve this effect, Sassoon, and then his followers, had to cut the hair under the fingers, and not under the comb, while maintaining a strict cutting angle.

Her career began in the mid-60s of the last century, and thanks to originality and hard work in less than ten years, the woman became known and loved all over the world. And during the period when the singer gained international success, she decided to change her haircut: from bob to cesson. By the way, he still does not change his choice: Mathieu still cuts his hair in this way, only the length of the strands and bangs changes slightly.

Since Mathieu was loved not only for her music, but also for her stylish image, many famous and not-so-famous women began to imitate her – copying the haircut as well. So not only the singer gained fame, but also her hairstyle.

Fashion is cyclical, and many things from the last century have become relevant again. This also affected this haircut, which is now experiencing a renaissance: for example, in recent years, it began to appear at fashion shows – for example, Fendi Couture and Marc Jacobs.

The new wave of popularity of the haircut is associated not only with the love of retro style, but also with its practicality: if the haircut is done by a competent master, the hair will look well-groomed and without using special tools – and this is very important in the modern world.

Modern Cesson is not quite the same as in the 70s of the last century: designers are rethinking the classic, adding either asymmetry or broken strands to the haircut.

The uniqueness of this haircut is also that it suits – without exaggeration – almost everyone. Cesson is chosen by different women.

The actress Zendaya appeared in public for some time with a Cesson close to the classic: the medium length of the strands, wide and smooth bangs. This option is suitable for girls with sharp cheekbones: the haircut visually softens the oval of the face.

But one of the models at the Fendi 2022 show showed an elongated version of the haircut. This option is ideal for ladies with a triangular face or a narrow face in general. Lush bangs of the haircut visually expand the face, balancing the proportions.

Cesson is a versatile haircut that will suit almost any woman.