the advantages of this coloring and 11 great ideas that will benefit you

The carre haircut is considered the most popular around the world. Frizz emphasizes femininity and elegance of the lady, adds freshness and attractiveness to the image. This haircut can look even better if it is done together with the trendy coloring – balayage. The shade and initial stage of coloring is selected by the stylist, so it is best not to carry out this difficult process yourself. In the article you will learn the features of coloring, the main advantages, and you will also see how balayage looks on various types of hair.

Characteristics of balayage coloring on carre type haircut

Balayage is one of the most sought after and popular coloring techniques this year. The essence of the technique is to create an imitation of sun-bleached strands. The paint is applied according to a strict technology, which looks like a V-shaped cutout, after which a gradual increase in the intensity of the selected tone occurs. The ends of the hair will be the lightest in color.

Balayage coloring looks especially good on various haircuts. By combining stylish methods of coloring and cutting, a woman will be able to emphasize her facial features and make her more proportional. It can also enhance and refresh its entire image. This technique is performed on absolutely any hair color.

The advantages of the balayage technique for the carre haircut

Balayage on a close cut hair looks incredible. The main advantages of this image are worth noting:

  • Thanks to modern dyes, the hair is practically not damaged when it is dyed, which allows women with a fine structure not to be afraid of the fact that they will damage their hair;
  • Coloring together with a fashionable haircut adds spectacular volume to the hair, thus visually increasing the overall weight of the hair;
  • Despite the complexity, the technique allows you to achieve a natural look, but only a professional colorist can achieve perfect transitions and a color that imitates sun-bleached strands;
  • The right haircut and coloring for all women, despite the structure, color and length of the hair.

Among the negative consequences, stylists point out that when coloring, the ends dry a little, in addition, the procedure takes at least 4 hours.

Balayage technique on different types of hair

Coloring looks different on every haircut. At the same time, the chosen carre haircut does not matter, the balayage technique will still be able to look spectacular and complement the image with luxury and naturalness.

Long bob haircut

The combination of balayage and elongated carre is considered one of the most successful combinations. By highlighting the elongated strands with paint, the haircut takes on a more spectacular appearance. Balayage is the most suitable for this type of haircut, in which close to natural shades are used.

Carre haircut with bangs

If you want, balayage can also look great on a bob haircut with bangs. On the oblique bangs, full coloring is done, if the bangs are straight, then a lighter degree will be applied, where the tips do not look so light.

Carre-bob haircut

An elegant carre-bob haircut allows you to create an image of chic and voluminous hair. With the help of dyeing balayage in bob-carre, additional volume will appear on the top of the head, and the front strands will look longer.

Asymmetric haircut

Depending on the client’s wishes, the master can carry out the classic variant of hair coloring or choose a more interesting approach – add asymmetry through different lights in the balayage dyeing technique. An original asymmetric carre will look better with bright, creative and elegant shades.

Balayage coloring is mega popular, so it adds value to a carre haircut. The skill of today’s stylists and colorists will allow you to choose the perfect color transition pattern that you want.

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