Stylish and modern haircuts for medium hair: 10 exceptional hairstyles

Long hair is easy to style and short hair is easy to comb. But if your hair is shoulder length… then the haircut you are going to do is one of the following that we have prepared.

1. Ragged bob

With waves and uneven ends, the ragged bob remains one of the trendiest haircuts of the season. Especially suitable for women whose hair is not too straight, but not too wavy. The most important thing is that you don’t need a special hairstyle, just dry your hair and enjoy its beauty! The key point is to move the waves away from the face if you want to highlight the cheekbones or, on the contrary, towards the front if the task is to hide the cheeks.

2. Long bob

Reese is a real beauty, isn’t she? For thin and medium hair, wavy strands styled in soft waves are ideal. And most importantly, hair with such styling seems to be more voluminous, even if initially it is very fragile and does not have the right volume. The main thing in styling is to make more waves and without combing, because our task is to open the chin and create the illusion of volume.

3. Retrobob

If you don’t like the messy style, go for a neat style like Emma Stone. Very elegant and efficient! The secret to success is oblique bangs with styling on the side, covering the eye.

4. Oblique bangs

The best way to make your face look slimmer is to style your bangs to the side. It works especially well for dark hair. Complete the look with a bright make-up with a wet effect and you will be amazed by the result: a minimum of effort for a super-sexy look.

5. Layered haircut

Retro is classic: we fondly remember how fashionable cascade haircuts were, but still few women dared to reproduce it. However, stylists say that cascades will be fashionable in the next 5 years! Straight-angled ends and a complete ‘I cut myself’ look look very casual, and very good.


Jennifer Aniston sets the trend again and becomes a style icon. Even if we notice the gradient effect, the hairstyle does not look old-fashioned, especially if you add a red undertone to the blonde.

6. Bob in the middle

Even parting is already synonymous with good style, and an elongated bob now needs to be placed differently! You will look particularly cool if you make a big wave at the base of the neck, pulling the hair back: the neck is longer and the face more elegant. Another way is to paint the thin strands of the face in a tone three or four shades lighter than the main one.

7. Sunshine

Don’t want to get a haircut? No problem: ask your hairdresser to spread the dye so that a neat wave from dark to light goes from the roots down. The face will appear thinner and the hairstyle more voluminous. A great option for blondes: just tousle your hair and let it dry naturally.

8. Half highlight

Thin strands lighten a little, and your bob will look very good. An important nuance: add color to faded strands, and for this choose a lighter tone. And remember: a straight parting saves any hairstyle, turning it into a fashionable one.

9. Decoupage paint

The hair on the lower part of the head, roots and ends are dyed in a darker tone, while the rest remains (or is dyed) in a lighter tone. If your master is a professional, ask him to do a highlight in the middle of the length, so that your hair becomes twice as voluminous as it really is.

10. Curtain bangs

The name is bad, we agree. But you have to admit, it looks really good and slims the face. Just comb your bangs as if the evening show has already started and the curtain is about to fully open. Curls are formed with large curlers or wide tongs. You don’t have to paint the roots!