Stiletto gel nails, a special shape

Stiletto gel nail designs

If we were to associate women with certain animals, we could say that they seem to be from the feline family. Female psychology, habits, behavior, appearance contrasts – there are many aspects that make an imposing woman and a graceful cat.

Clothing, make-up and even manicure can be matched with the associated image. That’s why many ladies prefer to have a manicure with a pointed shape, stiletto type.

We find wonderful models in both length and short styles. We have thoroughly prepared and present to you wonderful ideas of gel stiletto nail designs for your next visit to the stylist.
Model in shades of pink

2021 model

French model 2021

Model on black

Model on yellow

Photo gallery for inspiration

1 Updated french gel nails, in shades of red and black

stiletto gel nail designs

2 Abstract models in pastel shades

stiletto gel nail designs 3 Black gel nail models, they couldn’t be missing from the trends

stiletto gel nail designs

4 Shiny and simple model

stiletto gel nail designs

5 Model in shades of red with floral aspects

6 Simple model, in more neutral shades

7 Complex pattern, with pebbles

stiletto gel nail designs

8 Combined french gel nail model, with decoration

stiletto gel nail designs

9 Special French model, with application

10 Special model, French with floral elements

stiletto gel nail designs

What types of models and stiletto manicure 2021 can we find?

The decision to opt for such a shape, especially with length, is a brave one. Not all ladies would wear this kind of models, but they are downright impressive.

There are many variants, designs with a pattern, rhinestones, pictua, gold, floral, metallic elements. For the most current models, you can focus on updated french or mirror elements.

11 Model in neutral shades

12 Red and glitter

13 Complex model in shades of purple

14 Mix of pastel colors, in trends 2021

15 Neutral colors and a little shine

16 Decoration of golden elements

17 Model of gel nails with floral appearance, delicate and fine

18 Model in light shades

19 Floral, nails in shades of black and white

20 Model sharp nails with black and white

21 Elements of white

22 Pastels in an abstract pattern

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