Square nails, from short to long

Square nails 2022, because they will remain in trend next year as well.

This square style is very popular among ladies of all ages. Disadvantages are, they do not fit any type of nail. But they are comfortable and modern, proof that they have been in trend for a very long time.

I used the Magical Spa salon as a source of inspiration for this article, which has the most spectacular models of gel nails, semi-permanent, short or long, in many shades, simple or with various decorations.

On Social Media we find many manicure ideas, gel nails. But those presented by the salon mentioned above, take your breath away. From the subtle shades to the simple ones, they are all amazing.

These square nails will remain in trend next year, that’s why we present them for the next visit to the salon.

Photo gallery – Square nails 2022
1 French and shades of white with pink
Square nails 2022
2 Complex model with drawing

Square nails 2022
3 Special model, nails with hearts
Square nails 2022
4 Square nails in shades of yellow and pink

Square nails 2022
5 Square gel nails with neon shades insert
Square nails 2022
6 French gel nails, with pattern

Square nails 2022
7 Special model, shell type
Square nails 2022
8 Square gel nails, short

Square nails 2022
9 Shades of white
Square nails 2022
10 Nails in neutral shades

Square nails 2022
See how wonderful they are? Regardless of the length of the nail, you can get a fashionable manicure immediately. We also present other models:

11 Short nails, with ring pattern

12 Blue square nails, what a beautiful pattern

13 Yellow gel nails, with a design, super cute

14 Model in shades of pink and glitter

15 Square nails with designs

16 Shades of pink and gel nails with an abstract pattern

17 Short gel nails, blue

18 Square gel nails, shades of white

19 Summer square nails

20 French model with butterflies

21 Shades of pink and stars

22 Model with text

23 Long nails

24 Square nails with stars and French

25 special nails

26 Short model

Source of the pictures in the article: pinterest.com

We hope you liked the styles proposed by us.