Shoulder length bob: pictures of trendy haircuts

The universal version of this season’s haircut is a shoulder-length bob. Interestingly, such a haircut looks stylish and original, it suits absolutely everyone, it will look good on straight and curly hair. When getting familiar with a bob haircut, pay attention not only to its length, but also to the method of trimming, the silhouette and the presence of bangs. For example, will it be a square haircut or an A-line? Cheekbone, mid-neck, or shoulder length? We tell who suits a long bob, which bangs to choose in pictures with current trends.

Play with the length of your bob haircut according to your face shape.
So, for a heart shape and a triangle, the best length is along the cheekbones, and it is better to place the ends of the haircut away from the face.
Round face – the length is below the chin, the ideal option is a shoulder-length bob.
Square face – the length of the haircut is above or below the chin line.
Diamond-shaped face – there are no restrictions on choosing the length of the bob haircut.
Oval face – you can choose any length.

A haircut made using this technique will allow the hairstyle to look voluminous and elegant. And it’s all because of versatility. It should be noted that the cascading indicator is also convenient. You can always let your hair down or put it in a ponytail if, for example, you are doing the housework. And the haircut grows beautiful and natural, ideal for wavy and curly hair.

It is distinguished by the same length of strands in front and back, geometric clarity, a “square” silhouette – this attracts the eye. On request, the length of the bob can be changed, which can be below the shoulders. And don’t be afraid to add trendy and bold bangs. A bob haircut will only benefit from this.

It is a mistake to think that a long bob does not suit curly and wavy hair. On the contrary, it is easy to style, for this, use moisturizing sprays for curly hair so that the hair does not get frizzy. Also, use a hair dryer with a diffuser to emphasize the curls and volume of the haircut. Or
plate – to stretch the strands and change the image for the whole day.