Short square gel nails – Chic manicure

Short square gel nails, how to have a practical manicure
Short square nails are excellent ideas for women who always want to look great and have freedom of movement.

This form does not require lengths and is very easy to manage. Do you know why many women choose short nails with this shape? Because they have a luxurious look. In addition, the square shape of the nails is simple and suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

If you like the wonderful look of square nails, we have prepared some interesting models for you.

Recommendations and suggestions – Short square gel nails

1 Model with pebble decoration
Short square gel nails2 Model in neutral shades, gel nails 2021

Short square gel nails 3 Gel nail model neutral shades, with pebblesShort square gel nails
4 Special model with chrome decoration

Short square gel nails

5 Model in two shades

Short square gel nails

6 Model in shades of pink with pink decoration

Short square gel nails
7 Model in two shades and silver inserts

Short square gel nails
8 Complex model in two shades

Short square gel nails
9 Model in dark shades, with neon decoration, model 2021

Short square gel nails
10 Model in three shades

Although super practical, neat and modern, short square nails are not suitable for everyone. In the case of extremely thin nails, they have a widening effect. But, in general, they suit many people, being extremely resistant over time.

More models:

11 Complex gel nail model, with transparent spaces

12 Gel nail designs with text, 2021 trends 13 Model in shades of white, gel nails with pebbles 14 Model in neutral shades with floral decoration

15 Animal print combination model 16 Gel nail model in neon shades

17 Abstract forms could not be missing 18 Model in shades of white, a visual splendor

19 Model of square gel nails in shades of black 20 Model square gel nails with mirror effect

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