Short haircuts with volume. 11 gorgeous hairstyles that will be in vogue this season

This season’s trend is short haircuts, and they rightly deserve their place at the top of the ranking. Ladies choose this hairstyle option due to its comfort, practicality and incredibly spectacular volume. In this article, we will talk about the most popular haircuts: pixie, bob and carre, which are suitable for women with any hair structure, face type or lifestyle.

Pixie – short, simple and elegant haircut

In first place among short haircuts with volume is an elegant pixie. His visible superiority and charm allow any woman, despite her age, to transform and become much younger and more attractive. Pixie will be at the peak of popularity for a long time, because the practicality of the haircut is what allows modern women to always look feminine, while spending a minimum of time on hair care and styling.

Pixie haircut has the following features:

1. An open neck predominates, some ladies choose a modern version of the pixie with shaved elements at the temples and back of the neck;
2. The curls are of different lengths;
3. The back of the head has longer strands;
4. With a pixie, various bangs are chosen, but it is best to leave an elongated version that will allow you to change the style;
5. The hair will receive dynamism and lightness, while thin curls will become more voluminous.

Bob – an amazing haircut for all women

If you prefer longer locks and want to constantly change your look with different hairstyles, then the bob is your best option. With a bob haircut, every woman adds an extra touch of romance, playfulness and attractive femininity to her look. Depending on the shape of the face, the structure of the hair and the mood of the woman, stylists select the length of the haircut, additional gradation and bangs.

With its elongated front strands and short nape, every lady will have the opportunity to maximize the volume of her hair, thus creating the most fashionable and charming look.

Carre – a feminine image for all time

An elegant carre haircut will always be relevant. Despite the constant changes in the fashion world, due to the cyclical nature of the carre haircut, it still remains at the peak of popularity. With the help of a haircut, a woman with any hair color and curl structure can improve her image, make her gentler, sweeter and incredibly attractive. The peculiarity of the belt is that any type of coloring looks perfect with it, and this allows a woman of any age to choose this wonderful haircut.

To always look great, you need to choose the right haircut carefully. This year it is best to pay attention to the options of short hairstyles. Among all stylish haircuts, bob, carre and pixie stand out, which emphasize the feminine and sophisticated image of a lady at any age.