short haircuts that are on trend

Trendy short haircuts are always popular because this is a great way to get a new hairstyle. Take a look at a selection of pictures with the most relevant examples of haircuts.

In order for the hairstyle to show the style and beauty to the maximum, give preference to a trendy short bob haircut. For example, a bob with a textured frontal area and a side parting could be seen in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel at Fashion Week.

Given the increased interest in this haircut, it is not surprising – this is the most successful embodiment of a fashionable haircut for short hair. For example, the length to the middle of the neck allows you to fully unlock the potential of the haircut. Kare is no less comfortable hairstyle than a bob, but at the same time it looks very concise and restrained.

For several years, this haircut has been included in the lists of the most fashionable, this year is no exception. And the masters are trying to improve it or come up with a new figure for it. So that beautiful girls who prefer long pixie hair are inspired by new ideas for a stylish and comfortable hairstyle. By the way, the length of a fashionable pixie haircut can vary from very short to elongated, for example, as in the photo example.

Separately, it is worth noting the cascade for short hair. On a short length, this technique looks just as impressive as on a long one. There are no special recommendations for choosing a particular form. All that will be relevant is a slight oversight. It is recommended to select a haircut with several layers based on external data and hair type. At the same time, the cascade goes well with an informal, strict and classic style of clothing.

Finally, the trend became the most extravagant and fashionable short haircut – Mullet. It is designed for shoulder length hair and below. It has an elongated contour line, which makes the shape of the haircut easy. Pair the haircut with long bangs for a retro vibe. For example, in the collections of Saint Laurent or Tom Ford you can find amazing examples of this haircut that you can take into account.