Short haircuts for thin hair: photos, current trends

Short haircuts for fine hair are layered. Having such a haircut, you can create a variety of stylish images. And, most importantly, the volume is aimed at the face area and throughout the haircut. We present to you the most fashionable short haircuts for thin hair that will appeal to both delicate and independent girls/women.

It can be a classic or creative bob cut with clear graphics. And coloring with contrasting transitions, darkening at the roots – which emphasizes the geometry of a given shape. A bob haircut is suitable for the length of the hair – from the middle of the neck and below. Moreover, this is the best solution for tall and slender girls/women.

Mullet can be safely attributed to retro, creative and bold haircuts that will adorn the owner of fine hair. When the main focus is on voluminous bangs, a short crown and elongated lower strands. Therefore, if you decide to break free from the captivity of standard haircuts and familiar shapes, choose a bold Mullet haircut. Stacking will allow you to change the image according to your mood or need. From the most concise and natural look to glamour.

A rather short graduated haircut, where a good mass of hair is left on the crown, in the parietal area and in the bangs. But the temples and the lower block at the back of the head are shaved. Such a haircut may not have a smooth transition between zones, it perfectly hides sparse hair in the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head.

If your hair looks too soft and sparse, the easiest way to make it visually more voluminous is to use lightly worked layers in your haircut that maintain the shape and lines and create a silhouette. For example, a cascade with or without bangs is a good choice for short thin hair. Where the shortened strands at the crown and bangs create extra volume. There are many varieties of fashionable bangs: short, elongated, oblique, sloppy or “curtain” style.