Short gel nails, in neutral shades, the most popular manicure

Short neutral gel nails, models for delicate ladies.
This type of nails is preferred by women who want a neat manicure, but do not want to stand out. And why not admit it, they look good and are very practical. We find shades of beige, cream, pale pink, but also other tones that will not stand out in any way.

Some women prefer to add certain decorations, such as pebbles, but most do not. I want a natural manicure, which looks more like one done at home, but lasts over time. Some women stay the same throughout their lives, while others experience stronger shades.

We have proposed in this article to welcome you with the most beautiful ideas of short neutral gel nails, we hope you like them.

Photo gallery – For the next manicure appointment

1 Here, the client opted for decoration on the ring
Short neutral gel nails
2 A milky white, which does not stand out

Short neutral gel nails

3 Neutral gel nail models, with a little length, a light brown
Short neutral gel nails
4 A very pale pink with decoration on the ring

Short neutral gel nails
5 Neutral shades, with small decorations
Short neutral gel nails
6 Shades of pale pink

Short neutral gel nails
7 We also have short gel nails in several neutral shades
Short neutral gel nails
8 Super simple pattern

Short neutral gel nails
9 A special color and a perfect shape
Short neutral gel nails
10 Shades of pale blue

Short neutral gel nails
Do you see how beautiful and what a perfect manicure results from these shades? They are beautiful and fit regardless of age.

11 Gel nails in gray shades

12 Creamy white, a wonderful shade

13 Shades of pink, square shaped gel nails

14 Natural shades with subtle glitter

15 Ombre in natural shades

16 Shades of gray and short nails

17 Shades of pink

18 Subtle shades of purple

19 Model in shades of pale pink

20 Variant for ladies

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We hope you liked the styles proposed by us.