Short gel nails 2022, practical women’s manicure

Short gel nails, models and styles with more freedom of movement.

Long, round, pointed, square nails look great and allow for the best styles. However, not all women prefer manicure with too long nails, opting for shorter styles, which are much more practical.

And, although you can’t get very many models with a short length, we have to admit that they are chic and look neat. The most important aspect is that they fit our lifestyle.

Photo gallery, short gel nails to show the manicurist

1 Shades of purple and a little glitter

Short gel nails

lina nails

2 Minimalist model in shades of white

Short gel nails

3 Floral aspects, in trends 2022

Short gel nails

4 French metallic model

Short gel nails

5 Gold applications

Short gel nails

6 “mirror” applications

Short gel nails

7 Red and polka dots, models for spring – summer

Short gel nails

8 Neutral pattern with stars

Short gel nails

9 Gold applications in a circle, current model

Short gel nails

10 Model with pale yellow

Short gel nails

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Other short styles and pictures to show the stylist:

11 Blue with golden elements

12 Two shades in the same model

13 Pastel colors and shard effect

14 Triangles and polka dots, a happy look

15 Simple with pebbles

16 Shades of grey, grey

17 Methane and pink, a successful combination

18 White with floral appearance

19 Yellow, a fashionable shade in 2021

20 Modern and chic

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We hope you liked the styles proposed by us.