Short cascade for thin hair: 10 amazing examples

A short cascade is a less popular haircut, unlike the long version. However, the gentle look of the waterfall seems interesting to many ladies. Most often, this shape and length is recommended for women who suffer from a rare hair structure.

It seems to us that it does not make sense to list all the advantages of the waterfall. All ladies are aware, waterfall is so beautiful, comfortable and ideal for all ladies without exception. We will highlight only the most important qualities of a short cascade for sparse hair:

– The cascade is considered a simple haircut. In principle, creating step transitions on a short length is not so difficult, at the same time, only a professional can achieve the main thing – to give rare hair a voluminous look;
– Mature ladies, along with young and bright girls in the same number, choose a fashionable short cascading haircut;
– Ease of styling is the most important advantage of a stylish haircut;
– If you want, from a short cascade, you can make a completely solid hairstyle or you can ruffle the hair and get a natural look of nice beauty;
– A short cascade can be made with any bangs;
– Any coloring looks with a short cascade, but for sparse hair it is best to choose an option with several shades in a smooth color transition;
– And most importantly, a short cascade is able to correct the oval of the face.

Gradient and cascade is a magical mix for creating a voluminous hairstyle. In some cases, the gradient is not suitable for sparse hair, but the stylist will be able to choose the best length transition option. The cascade in this case plays an important role – it can give the hair a neater and brighter look. The graduated short cascade option does not suit too strongly wavy hair.

In the world of elegant hairstyles, the Italian cascade is called the most versatile and comfortable hairstyle. The thing is that a haircut is selected individually for each woman, taking into account all the features of her figure, face type and hair condition. The haircut will fit perfectly on both wavy and straight curls. By the way, with the Italian cascade, sparse hair will be more obedient and lush.

Women with a sparse structure are advised to leave less hair on the head, this can significantly increase the splendor of the remaining strands. Therefore, a lady with such a problem should definitely try the fashionable version of the short cascade at the nape of the neck. So you get a very bright, stylish, slightly eccentric image.

A short cascade is a real salvation for sparse hair. Thanks to the shape, creative technique and correct hairstyle, your hair will look much more voluminous and attractive.