Short bangs – simple and elegant. 20 ideas that will make you irresistible

Short bangs have been very popular lately and if you want to change your look, then this bang is a perfect solution. To create it, you do not need many skills and the result will delight you for a long time without losing its aesthetic appearance.

Who is it suitable for?

Sometimes a woman instead of long bangs would get a short one. This, of course, causes anxiety but it is all in the past. Modern fashion dictates new rules. Short bangs have become popular and loved by many ladies, and remain in vogue this season.

The advantages of short bangs

– Creates an accent on the face. Such bangs guarantee the attraction of the eyes around;

– Easy maintenance. The strands do not need special care, they require minimal time to style them;

– Versatility. One of the main advantages is that it looks great with different hair types.

Of course, short bangs do not look perfect on all girls. If some short bangs decorate the image, then others, on the contrary, risk spoiling it.

There are a number of points that clearly show that this element will become a harmonious and essential addition to your dmv image. to look better:

– Face shape. This option is chic for women with oval, elongated and heart-shaped bangs. In some cases, bangs look harmonious with a different face shape, you just need to pay due attention to the details. Short bangs will be a winning solution for ladies whose facial features are thin and regular. In terms of texture, straight, medium or thick hair is suitable.

For whom are short bangs contraindicated?

You always have to consider the details that do not allow you to create short bangs. These include a large forehead or nose, heavily wavy hair, and a prominent chin. In this sense, such a bang will emphasize the existing shortcomings, and you certainly do not want this to happen.

Short straight bangs