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Changing hair color is a favorite pastime of many ladies. Every season – this desire becomes irresistible. Thanks to the development of trends in the world of hairstyles, women of any age and with any lifestyle can choose for themselves how they want to look. Coloring plays an important role in the image. Today, techniques involving the presence of two or more colors are most in demand. In the article we will talk about ombre, which does not lose its popularity, but on the contrary wins all the records.

Ash ombre

The most difficult, but at the same time very effective, is considered an ombre with a gray transition. In this coloring, everything is in proportion: the upper part is very dark, even black, and the lower part is a chic cool shade – gray. Such a transition is not suitable for all ladies. Also, you need to take into account the complexity and duration of the procedure. Although, instead of gray, you can choose other, warmer tones.

Ombre for dark hair

Ombre is a spectacular procedure that looks good on any hair color. On dark hair, you can make many interesting transitions, because the length of the haircut does not play an important role. If you have dark hair and opt for ombre, they must be prepared – because not all shades can be obtained from the first. Especially light colors. For dark hair this summer, ladies are offered a wonderful ombre pattern from dark to gray, blue or purple. You can also try standard shadows in natural dark or light transitions.

Ombre for blonde hair

Blondes have relatively recently begun to practice this procedure on their hair. Thanks to successful development and experiments, blond hair looks beautiful in various shades. This summer, fashionistas are advised to do natural ombre, without too bright or accentuated transitions. The effect of burnt ends is again fashionable in the world.

Ombre for brunette hair

Brown-haired women really like ombre, especially since stylists believe that any elegant transition can be made on such hair. A gradient from dark to light is suitable for them, as well as a combination of brighter and more saturated shades. At the same time, colorists are sure that the length of your hair does not matter. This modern procedure can be done even on the shortest haircut, the main thing is to choose the right shades for coloring.

Ombre in bright colors

If you want to look like the brightest star in the summer, then you should take a closer look at bright color options. Ombre in red tones stands out in particular. Girls also like the transitions of purple and blue tones that are popular this year.

Ombre is a coloring that will refresh your look and make it really attractive. Get inspired by our ideas and choose change!

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