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Red gel nail designs, recommendations and styles

Red has so much that it can generate so many manicure designs, to everyone’s taste. It can be both traditional and fashionable, innocent or super brave. Classic, natural nail ideas look great at any time, unlike others.

Red has no problem of adaptation and matching. Red is bright and adapts to any lifestyle, event or other. This shade is a chameleon in manicure. It’s no wonder that red has been one of the most popular manicure colors of all time, and that’s not changing anytime soon.

We have prepared red gel nail models, simple or complete

1 Open model with decoration

Red gel nail designs

2 Pattern with hearts, sharp nails

Red gel nail designs

3 Matte model with pebble applicationRed gel nail designs

4 Matte nail model, a simple version, adaptable to any situation

Red gel nail designs

5 French model with red, models for 2021Red gel nail designs

6 Ombre model in shades of red, pink

Red gel nail designs

7 More shades of red

Red gel nail designs

8 Matte pattern with pebbles

Red gel nail designs

9 Floral red, in trends 2021

Red gel nail designs

10 Model with print and black combination

Red gel nail designs

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Red allows so many combinations that now we understand why it is a chameleon in manicure. Red is often associated with femininity, being extremely popular. You can take into account trends or choose something traditional.

Other models:

11 Complex model for ladies

12 Simple model with pebbles on the ring

13 Simple model with ring application

14 Dark tones and sharp models

15 Variation and square models

16 Red model with gold applications

17 Model with spaces

18 Model with dark red and rhinestones

19 Pattern with pebbles

20 Special model with space



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