Recommendations for round, short or long gel nails

Round gel nails, models in various lengths and colors.

In this article we propose various models of nails with a round shape, one of the most popular styles in manicure. This kind of shape suits especially women with very small nails, being extremely feminine. Of course, they can be adapted to any type of nail or length.

We have prepared a collection with some of the most interesting models for your next visit to the salon. Floral aspects, neutral colors, gold or other elements, all in round shapes.

Photo gallery and recommendations for you – Round gel nails

1 Minimalist model, in neutral shades with a little blue
round gel nails

2 Sophisticated model in two shades, for flirty ladies

round gel nails

3 French model 2021, with gold elementsround gel nails

4 Stylish model, pebbled nails for a bit of sparkle

round gel nails

5 Special model, customized with floral and golden appearance

round gel nails

6 Simple model, in short lengths

round gel nails

7 Shades of white and pebbles for a glow

round gel nails

8 Neutral shades with golden element, model 2021

round gel nails

9 Model in shades of peach and whiteround gel nails

10 Model in shades of milky white

Beautiful in any shade!

Short or long, with a round shape you can never go wrong. While sharp or square shapes may not look good on every nail, with a round manicure you have no problem.

Other models:

11 Simple model in shades of milky white

round gel nails12 Complex model for a sophisticated manicure

round gel nails

13 Short model in shades of blue

round gel nails

14 A pale pink with elements of black

15 Model in shades of blueround gel nails

16 Red with length

17 Updated French model, with red

18 Model in shades of purple, a splendor

19 Model on red, mirror type

20 Model in shades of green and neutral colors

21 Model with gold 202122 Model with black

23 Short model for more movement

24 Female model with floral aspects

25 Short model, for small nails

26 Female model, in neutral shades

27 Extremely feminine model

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