Purple gel nail designs, the royal shade in manicure

Purple gel nail designs, simple or more complex styles, for ladies and gentlemen.

We like to change the color of our nails frequently, depending on our preferences and our mood. In this article we propose to present you some manicure ideas in shades of purple, matte or glossy, short or long, simpler or more complex.

The shades of purple are so varied that countless models can be obtained in the manicure. We present a diverse range to choose the model for the next visit to the salon.

Glitter pattern

Floral pattern

Glam model

Short model

Violet, purple and other tones express femininity, just like pink. They are beautiful and elegant in any context, so they are worth trying. We tried to present as diverse models as possible.
Model in dark shades

Sharp model

Simple nail model

Our recommendations, presentation photos – Purple gel nail models

1 Pattern with glitter

Purple gel nail designs

2 Glossy model with white and polka dots

Purple gel nail designs3 Darker model, an elegant style

Purple gel nail designs

4 Model with white on the ring

Purple gel nail designs

5 Model of very light purple and glitterPurple gel nail designs

6 Round pattern, ombre style

Purple gel nail designs

7 Light purple model, short and simple nails

Purple gel nail designs8 Model with a square shape and floral aspects

Purple gel nail designs

9 Also floral pattern, with matte appearance

Purple gel nail designs

10 Light purple, a special model

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There are so many trending models this year that it’s hard to choose. But, surely, this article can at least help you decide on the color.

Other models:

11 Model with rhinestones

12 Model with floral appearance and mirror effect

13 Special model with metallic aspects

14 White and floral aspects

15 models in two shades

16 Model in light shades

17 Pattern with pebbles

18 model in dark shades

19 Model in two shades

20 Round model, with light tones

21 Dark shades

22 French floral pattern

Source of pictures: pinterest.com

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