Pink manicure, fashionable gel models in 2022

Pink nails 2022, for ideas and inspiration in the new year. Every year, trends change, it’s up to you whether you adopt them or not. The good part is that there are models that remain as popular, regardless of trends.

And this is where pink comes in, a pink color that cheers up and will always remain popular, regardless of age.

In addition, the manicure industry is reviving older styles and presenting them in a modern way. We propose to present you beautiful ideas and styles, pink nails 2021 that you will like.

Photo gallery – pink nails 2022

1 Model in light shades

pink nails 2021

2 Sharp pattern with pebbles

pink nails 2021

3 Shades darkerpink nails 2021

4 Simpler model, different tones

pink nails 2021

5 Light shades and short modelspink nails 2021

6 Simple model, shades of light pink

pink nails 20217 Dark pink for ladies pink nails 2021

8 Light shades, in simple models

pink nails 2021

9 Simple design with glitter on the ring

10 Two shades, dots and text, 2022 trends

pink nails 2021

Fashionable manicure 2022 means many shades, especially gray and yellow, floral aspects and many others. We have presented them and we will discuss them in future articles.

Other models:

11 Pattern with floral appearance

pink nails 2021

12 Model in combination with black

13 Pattern with floral aspects

14 Nail model in two shades

15 A more intense pink

16 Short model

17 Pattern with floral aspects

18 Two shades, model 2022

19 Model in light shades

20 Glam model

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