Pink gel nails, manicure between femininity and finesse

Pink gel nails, pictures, models and ideas for a feminine manicure.
We can say that the shades are popular, maybe not as sought after as french gel nails or red models, but they are at the top. Why? There are so many shades of pink, from pale ones to intense ones, that you can easily find your perfect manicure. In addition, pink exudes a good mood and has a warm air, many women prefer this shade.

They can be perfectly combined with shades of white, black, gray, even stronger ones, such as yellow. You will get a cheerful and neat manicure. Why choose the shade? I have just exposed some advantages above. Talk to your stylist about the shades they have available,

We will present below a diversified range – Pink gel nails pictures
#1 Model with print
Pink gel nails
#2 Gel nail model in combination with white

Pink gel nails
#3 Model with ring decoration
Pink gel nails
#4 White and pink model, a successful combination

Pink gel nails
5 Cute flamingo pattern
Pink gel nails
6 Model, combination with black, a splendor

Pink gel nails
#7 Model with floral decoration
Pink gel nails
#8 Model for sophisticated ladies

Pink gel nails
#9 Pale pink model, with decoration on the ring
Pink gel nails
#10 Black and pink, a wonderful combination

Pink gel nails
Do you see what a fresh and cheerful air these manicure ideas exude? You can wear them at any time, including special events, to match your outfit. Pink remains one of our favorite shades and we subtly suggest you try a model on the website.

Other pictures and recommendations.
#11 Model

#12 Model with pale pink

#13 Dark red model with stone decoration

#14 Model with integrated red

#15 Model with two tones of pink

16 Model with decoration

17 Stiletto model, a spectacular appearance

#18 Pink in two shades

#19 French model

# 20 The last model has rhinestones, essential in many manicures

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