pictures of the haircut from all sides

The pixie bob is spectacular with a textured front, the perfect combination of gradation and layers. Every season it comes back into fashion due to its variability, which pleases fashionistas and craftsmen. Aesthetically, the easiest way to update a hairstyle for short to medium hair is with a pixie bob. You can focus on it with the help of an asymmetric shape or a bright coloring. These are just some of the hairstyles. On the photo examples, we are talking about the most fashionable and original forms of this haircut.

All over the world today there is a trend for bangs in a variety of variations. Straight bangs up to the eyebrows are preferred. Also, this trend is transferred to other options: girls choose short and elongated, oblique bangs and cut only a few strands in front of the face. The length is chosen in such a way as to emphasize the natural beauty. By changing the length of the bangs, we create a new image every time. Elongated – trendy bangs. The tendency is a significant asymmetric elongation on one side. Such a bang allows the strands near the face to look spectacular in motion, making any haircut dynamic.

According to the master’s idea or your desire, pixie in bob style can be done without bangs. The strands near the face are left long so that they can be removed behind the ear. Alternatively, the bangs fit along the side parting or across the face. This allows you to show a nice oval, cheekbones and focus on the eyes.

For modern hairstyles, haircuts with shaved temples are extremely relevant. That is why girls and women are offered such pixie-bob design options as undercut. To achieve the desired creative visual effects, short temples can be decorated with an original pattern. And also, a shaved temple turns the haircut into an asymmetrical one, it contrasts with the length of the rest of the hair.