Oval, round gel nail designs – Manicure 2022

Oval, round gel nails and 2021 manicure models

The beauty of beautiful and well-groomed hands is also represented by a properly done manicure, with a well-chosen shape.

The shape of nails, like all things, changes with fashion. In 2021-2022, the manicure trends include oval-shaped nails. If previously square nails were popular, now almond-shaped and rounder nails are preferred. This shape of nails looks neater and more feminine than a square one.

This shape will suit both short and long nails. For long nails, you should also choose the almond shape. Thus, the nails will be visually a little longer, but they will not appear sharp.

Photo recommendations – Oval gel nails
1 Gel nail model with floral decoration

2 Fine model in neutral shades

oval gel nails 3 Gel nail model in shades of beigeoval gel nails 4 Glitter pattern on the ring

oval gel nails5 Purple gel nail model, royal shadeoval gel nails6 Fine model in neutral shades

oval gel nails 7 Fine model, gel nails for delicate ladiesoval gel nails 8 Model in shades of green with floral decoration

oval gel nails9 Pink gel nail model with pebblesoval gel nails10 Updated French model

oval gel nails

The round or oval shape of the nails suits any lady or young lady, but it is the best choice for thin and small nails. Thanks to this shape, the fingers will appear more feminine.

Other models recommended for a perfect manicure:
11 Model with rhinestones

12 French model with polka dots

13 Gel nail model with gold 14 Gel nail model in shades of red

15 Model of round gel nails in shades of blue 16 French nail designs 2021

17 Model short white gel nails, with color contrast
18 Model in tableware with flamingo

18 Model with three shades, summer manicure

20 Simple pattern with stars, pink

Source of pictures in the article: pinterest.com

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