Only women with refined taste wear such hairstyles! 30 ideas for bob carre with volume

Popular among young women and ladies, bob carre haircut has a very different charm and style. The popularity of this hairstyle is due to the ability to adapt to the characteristics of the appearance of each woman, regardless of age, body and face shape.

The combination of short strands at the back of the head and the bob, as well as long strands at the front, makes this hairstyle more voluminous and interesting. The bob carre haircut can be changed in various shades so that they will beautifully emphasize your features and the shape of your face.

Short voluminous bob

With the bob haircut on short hair, you can achieve a unique and flawless look. The hairstyle will not only look stylish, but also significantly rejuvenate you. This style of haircut allows you to lift the hair at the back of the head and create a voluminous cap at the crown. At the same time, it is not at all difficult to make changes to the finished hairstyle. It is enough just to change the position of the parting of the hair or the bangs.

The bob carre haircut looks very good, almost perfect, with well-arranged strands and loosely tousled.

Bob Carre haircut for medium hair

The most practical option in everyday life are haircuts of medium length. They are convenient in that the hair can be styled or collected in one hairstyle.
Women’s bob on medium hair looks quite aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the versatility of the haircut, you can highlight or hide the features of the oval face. By adjusting the length to the cheekbones, you can visually change the shape of the face. The shorter strands at the back seem to lift the back of the head, adding texture to the overall look.

Long Bob Carre haircut

Lovers of longer hair should not give up their usual length. An elongated bob easily combines both a voluminous bob and long, even locks that frame the face. The bob on long hair makes the hairstyle original and unique. An uneven haircut with volume at the back makes the haircut stylish and hides the imperfections of an oval face. The variety of manifestations of a haircut is huge, which makes it possible to create your own image and style.

The long curls in the front can be twisted, thus adding a bit of magic to the hairstyle.

Asymmetric Bob Carre

Asymmetrical haircuts have become quite popular lately, and the bob carre is no exception. Such hairstyles are usually chosen by bold, self-sufficient women who want to show their independence and self-love.

Asymmetry can be smooth, sharp or broken. However, the voluminous crown of short cut hair remains unchanged. Because Bob Carre it is one of the few hairstyles that require little time to be arranged, it has recently become very popular among women, due to its simplicity and special beauty.