Oblique cascade for short hair: 10 attractive ideas

The waterfall haircut remains one of the most popular among other hairstyles. In addition, the cascade is easy to make not only on medium and long hair, but also looks great on short strands. The peculiarity of the haircut is that there is no specific sample, respectively, the hairstyle is made individually for each lady. An oblique cascade is an opportunity to reset your appearance and become even more attractive.

The haircut technique consists of different lengths of strands along the hair. Each new strand has its own length and oblique cut, thanks to which the hair becomes very lush, even in the presence of a fine structure. Another important feature of the oblique cascade for short hair is the ability to correct the oval of the face and hide appearance defects.

Oblique cascade haircut for short hair has enough advantages that make the hairstyle incredibly popular and in demand among women of all ages.

The following advantages are highlighted:

– The creative technique excludes the possibility of an error, even a too damaged waterfall can be corrected;
– Styling can only be done with a hair dryer, if you use more complex tools and styling, you can get spectacular and stylish hairstyles;
– With the help of a cascade and oblique bangs, you can focus on the main advantages or hide the flaws.

Among the minuses, it’s worth noting that you can’t give up styling altogether. This is especially true for those who have very thin hair structure. Also, the haircut is not suitable for ladies with oily, curly and coarse hair; with such strands, the cascade loses its superiority for a short length.

An oblique cascade for short hair is an elegant and bright haircut that can completely update the image of any woman in an instant. If you want a change, then start with this beautiful haircut.