new pictures for different hair lengths

The mullet haircut with a trendy progressive shape is a vibrant hair trend from the 80s that is gaining momentum this season. Previously, this haircut was associated with grunge. However, today it can be seen on girls and women who are far from this style. The uniqueness of the haircut is that the length of the hair is removed only from the top and in front of the face. And the hair is long in the back. Stylists attribute Mullet to asymmetric haircuts: the hair is long and short at the same time.

This hairstyle is a bright representative of retro haircuts. The shape of the mullet haircut should be adapted to the hair texture, face shape, style and preferences for a beautiful result. For example, in grunge style or a more relaxed version. The main advantages of the haircut are the incredible uniqueness of the shape and the elongated contour line.

It has a variety of shapes and accents. There are many options: from choosing the length of the bangs to the desired volume. Choose what suits you. So that the hairstyle takes on a fashionable shape and the layers stand out with a slightly casual style that complements the unique haircut. By the way, deliberate disorder is welcome in the picture.

Many girls prefer a comfortable shoulder length. And their choice can be a mullet haircut. Stylists will help create an extraordinary shape, volume and emphasize individuality. So, giving preference to this haircut, you don’t have to worry about your own style. She looks surprisingly organic in a variety of images. For example, with feminine dresses or gothic skirts.

A short mullet is a great alternative to pixie and bob haircuts. Among the options without loss are the shapes with elongated asymmetrical bangs. Creative variations – with very short bangs and always an elongated nape.

If you have curly hair and the length of your hair allows it, we advise you to pay attention to the mullet haircut. It allows you to tame curls, lends itself to smooth styling and at the same time leaves room for creativity. Depending on the texture and length of the hair, the haircut will be different. But in any case, the stepped and elongated outline will make the shape more elongated, lighter and more elegant.