Neon gel nails 2022, still in trend

Neon gel nails 2022, inspired models, still in trend as manicure in strong colors.

Neon is probably the most disputable “family” of colors, isn’t it? But we can’t ignore the fact that it’s a beautiful trend – especially for the summer of 2021.

If you don’t feel brave enough to adopt strong shades in your wardrobe, put them on your nails. We have prepared for you the most beautiful and inspired neon nail designs for a wonderful summer.

We present you both shades, from pink nails to green, orange, to yellow, but we also have different styles. We are talking about, ombre nails, minimalist neon dots, lightning, texts, french nail designs 2021.

We also have models for different nail shapes and lengths, so regardless of your taste, you will find something to your liking.

Recommendations and pictures – Neon gel nails 2022
1 Model in shades of green

Neon gel nails 2021 2 Multi-colored gel nail models

Neon gel nails 2021 3 Neon gel nail model and neutral shadesNeon gel nails 2021 4 Simple nails model with orange decoration

Neon gel nails 20215 Model in shades of yellow, 2021 version
Neon gel nails 2021
6 Model on yellow with integrated animal

Neon gel nails 2021
7 Gel nail model in neutral shades with color spots
Neon gel nails 2021
8 Model in shades of red orange for daring ladies

Neon gel nails 2021
9 Model in shades of yellow, with drawings

Neon gel nails 2021
10 Model in powerful shades and glitters

Neon gel nails 2021

For this year, you can opt either for full, bright shades, or for decoration elements in neon colors, and as a base, neutral shades.

Regardless of the occasion, these colors will fit in the summer of 2022, having such wonderful decorations.

We also present other models:
11 French model in shades of yellow

12 Model in shades of red

13 Gel nail models in cheerful shades

14 Neon gel nail model on a neutral base

15 Model 2021

16 Light square French model

17 Multi-color model

18 Model in shades of pink

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