Nails with pebbles or glitter, for sophisticated ladies

Glitter gel nails or pebbles, who hasn’t tried them at least once? In the 2022 manicure trends, we find these decorations under different models, so you have plenty to choose from. They can be applied to absolutely all basic shades, being extremely versatile. Maybe you prefer a simple french with a small rhinestone or sparkles on the ring, there are many ideas. We have tested them and seen them in all their splendor, that’s why we come to meet you with different ideas.

For example, for a feminine manicure with floral decoration, pebbles can be applied inside. Or, a black gel nail manicure, extremely elegant, get extra elegance if glitter is applied. Everything depends on your tastes, the stylist’s recommendations and your lifestyle, occasions.

Photo gallery – Glitter gel nails and stones
1 Shades of pink, extremely refined

glitter gel nails
2 Elegant nails, shades of white

glitter gel nails
3 White with a round shape
glitter gel nails
4 Uneven distribution of stones

glitter gel nails
5 Discreet pebbles
glitter gel nails
6 Elegant nails, neutral shades

glitter gel nails
7 Rhinestone applied to the decoration
glitter gel nails
8 Purple gel nails with rhinestones

glitter gel nails
9 Square nail model, with a rhinestone at the base
glitter gel nails
10 French with update

glitter gel nails
In the first part, I presented models of rhinestone nails, pebbles. Notice how elegant they are, not being too loaded. Next, we will present beautiful models with glitter in several colors for everyone’s taste.

Pictures of nails with glitter
11 French nails 2022

12 Elegant nails

13 Perfect nails for the lengthening effect

14 shades of turquoise

15 Gold glitter, discreetly applied

16 Special French model

17 Two shades, one wonder

18 Short nails, casual style

19 White and glitter

20 Square nails, model with several decorations

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We hope you liked them and we will soon have other interesting trending nail designs for your next visit to the salon.

We are waiting for you on the blog with other materials.