Nails in two shades, the latest in manicure

Nails in two shades, extremely popular

This year we could see wonderful models with floral, golden or silver elements, or other combinations of the most beautiful. There is a particular model, very popular on Social Media networks, it is about gel nail models in two shades, delimited by transparent spaces, gold or silver bands, or simple ones.

The two shades that make up the manicure are generally well thought out and chosen. Either we find contrasting or complementary shades. In this article you will find interesting models that we have prepared for you.

Nails in two shades for your stylist to show:

1 Short, neutral and black shades

Nails in two shades

2 More complex model with neutral and green shades

Nails in two shades

3 Shades of white and neutralNails in two shades

4 Shades of purple, pink and white

Nails in two shades

5 Model with gray, matte and mirror

Nails in two shades

6 Model in shades of red

Nails in two shades

7 2021 manicure models, gray and yellow

Nails in two shades

8 Model with pink and white

9 Model with white and goldNails in two shades

10 Model with gray and peach

What are you saying? Do we give up a simple shade and turn to cheerful shades and more complex patterns? Of course, making these models requires a professional hand, requiring a lot of precision.

Other models:

11 Model of neutral and dark blue

12 Model with two shades of purple

13 Green, the shade of spring

14 Model with two shades of pink

15 Complex model in shades of white and blue

16 Interesting model in shades d

it’s black and white

17 Shades of neutral and white

18 Shades of white and black

19 Neutral and white

20 Shades of neutral and blue

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