Nails in shades of red, trends 2022

Nails in shades of red

Red has always been popular, always in trend and suitable for all ages. In the last year we have noticed updates and wonderful decorations for these shades, so many women have opted for more and more complex models.

Shades and manicure in red colors are suitable for occasions, holidays or casual, everyday. We have compiled a list of recommendations of interesting models for the next visit to the stylist.

A tip, this year you can also choose combinations that contain red, not necessarily an integral color. You can integrate it in the French manicure, in floral styles, etc.

Pictures – Nails in shades of red
1 Gel nails two shades, 2022 trends
Nails in shades of red2 White, red and pebbles, a flirty combinationNails in shades of red 3 Complex shades of bright redNails in shades of red 4 Shades with floral decoration and glitter

Nails in shades of red 5 Shades of mirror

Nails in shades of red 6 Two shades and floral decoration

Nails in shades of red 7 Nails in shades of red, square and with color spotsNails in shades of red 8 Abstract models, fashionable in 2021

Nails in shades of red 9 Little complexity in shades of redNails in shades of red 10 Model with floral decoration

Nails in shades of red
Are these models special? Of course yes, especially in the season when strong shades are worn, not just blue, yellow and pink. You can opt for anything you want, as long as it suits your lifestyle, shape and taste.

We have other interesting models, below:
11 Square models in simpler models12 Model with white floral decoration, short nails

13 Short model with red floral decoration

14 Unique model, round nails

15 Model moon with black

16 Model with floral and black decoration on the ring

17 Model with glitter and silver decorative elements

18 Also two shades, bordered by glitter

19 Square nail model, in dark shades

20 Model with moon and pebble accessories

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