Modern women choose side bangs. 10 exceptional ideas that will make you go to the hairdresser right now

Angled bangs are the perfect solution for modern women. It looks great on almost any face shape and most interestingly, it goes well with any haircut. In addition, oblique bangs are not too capricious, which means that every morning you will have more free minutes for yourself.

Broken oblique bangs

The torn oblique bangs will help you to make your look somewhat rebellious. The presented version of the bob, square, pixie or cascade bangs is simply perfect. Most often, young ladies who are not afraid of experiments use it in their images, but recently ragged oblique bangs can also be seen in the image of the older generation.

Elongated oblique bangs

If you like more classic and feminine haircuts, the elongated oblique bangs are the perfect choice. Such a solution will perfectly combine with almost any haircut, regardless of the shape of your face.

Oblique angled bangs

An inclined bang with a corner is an ideal solution for those women who honor elegance and rigor in their image. You can complement the featured bangs with an elegant bob, cascade, bob, pixie, gavroche or garcon.

Oblique bangs for short hair

If you have short hair, then you definitely like bold experiments with your image. We advise you to take a closer look at the oblique bangs, which will be in harmony with all the short haircuts that are in vogue this year.

Oblique bangs for medium hair

Slanted bangs bring elegance and style to medium hair. Bob, carre, cascade or any ladder you prefer, looks great with short or elongated oblique bangs.

Oblique bangs for long hair

So that long hair does not look boring, dilute it with an elegant coloring, as well as oblique bangs, which recently reached the peak of popularity.

When choosing to wear oblique bangs, think first of all about the shape of your face. If this choice is a difficult task for you, visit a professional hairdresser who will tell you which bangs and haircuts will suit you perfectly.